Guest lecture: Numerical approaches for the design of fibre reinforced concrete structures


On 11th October 2023 Prof. Joaquim Barros (University of Minho, Portugal) will hold a guest lecture with the topic 'Numerical approaches for the design of fibre reinforced concrete structures'.

Short abstract:
To mobilize the main benefits of fibre reinforcement in the design of fibre reinforced concrete structures, material nonlinear models, capable of simulating the fibre reinforcement mechanisms should be used. Some of these models are presented, and their potentialities and debilities are discussed. The challenges faced to determine reliable values for the main parameters defining the constitutive laws of these models are also treated. Finally, one of these models is used to design representative structures where fibre reinforcement has technical and economic dvantages.

This guest lecture will be held as an in person event at Ruhr University Bochum, room ID 03/445 at 10:30am.

Guests are welcome!


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