Update - 2nd fib Blind Simulation Competition – We won with best score

Accurate predictions regarding the load bearing capacity and the crack formation of concrete structures are particularly important in order to be able to produce a better and more economical design. For example, the material consumption and therefore the enviromental impact can be reduced as well as durability problems can be indicated already during the design stage. Thus our research represents completely new approaches for the non-linear design of conventional and fiber reinforced concrete structures.

In the framework of the fib working group 2.4.1 Modelling of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Structures, a blind simulation competition of a continuous span slab with conventional and fiber reinforcement was carried out on 26/01/2022. The main scope, beside the prediction of the load bearing capacity, was the service limit state assessment in terms of strains as well as crack widths.

From the eighteen teams participating, the team of Gerrit E. Neu, Vladislav Gudžulić and Günther Meschke from the Institute for Structural Mechanics (RUB) achieved the best score and therefore won the competition.

The experiments were transmitted in real time through a YouTube channel (the videos can be found in the following links: YouTube Link 1, YouTube Link 2).

For detailed research information, please have a look at our latest publication:

More information about the 2nd fib Blind Simulation Competition:


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