Workshop Herausforderung Tunnelbau 2021


The use of underground space is a key factor for sustainable development of both industrial as well as emerging and developing countries. Underground transalpine transport links, the tendency for larger diameters, difficult geological conditions or high groundwater pressures pose major challenges for tunneling and drilling technologies.

This year's event is under the motto: "Große S- und U-Bahn Projekte in Deutschland" and will once again be dedicated to exciting and up-to-date topics:

Neubau U5 Hamburg – aktueller Stand der Planung
Stefan Schuster (Leiter Ausführung U5 Ost, Hochbahn AG, Hamburg)

Die 2. S-Bahn-Stammstrecke – Tunnelbau im Herzen von München:
Tunnelbautechnische Herausforderungen im westlichen Abschnitt von der Donnersberger Brücke bis zum Marienhof

Marc Steinfeld (Senior Projektingenieur Tunnel, Großprojekt 2. S-Bahn-Stammstrecke München, DB Netz AG)

Participation is free of charge. Please use the online registration form.

Please note that this is a "3G event" of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Therefore, please bring the appropriate evidence with you.


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