Editor’s Choice Paper: Reduced Order Multiscale Simulation of Diffuse Damage in Concrete

A new Open-Access publication with the title “Reduced Order Multiscale Simulation of Diffuse Damage in Concrete" has been published (Impact Factor 3.623).

Damage in concrete structures initiates as the growth of diffuse microcracks that is followed by damage localisation and eventually leads to structural failure. Weak changes such as diffuse microcracking processes are failure precursors. Identification and characterisation of these failure precursors at an early stage of concrete degradation and application of suitable precautionary measures will considerably reduce the costs of repair and maintenance. To this end, a reduced order multiscale model for simulating microcracking-induced damage in concrete at the mesoscale level is proposed. The model simulates the propagation of microcracks in concrete using a two-scale computational methodology. First, a realistic concrete specimen that explicitly resolves the coarse aggregates in a mortar matrix was generated at the mesoscale. Microcrack growth in the mortar matrix is modelled using a synthesis of continuum micromechanics and fracture mechanics. Model order reduction of the two-scale model is achieved using a clustering technique. Model predictions are calibrated and validated using uniaxial compression tests performed in the laboratory.

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